Real Food Meals

final12 copyHand crafted REAL FOOD without additives and preservatives.  Check out the menu, order your ITEMS (each will be fully COOKEd AND READY TO EAT).




Imagine a farm box, but instead of the box filled with fruits and veggies, it is filled with the fruits and veggies hand crafted into delicious, gourmet meals, ready to eat! 

Our REAL FOOD Philosophy: Nutrition is not about deprivation but about enjoyment. When you deny certain foods, you begin to hate your food and the process of eating. By adding high quality nutrition to your daily eating, you will eventually have no room for the less nutritious. You will begin craving the richness of the flavors and the benefits of good nutrition. Vert believes in nourishing before detoxing.

Because Vert Foods believes food should provide joy and nourishment, not guilt, we created a program that makes the joy of foods available in your home every day.  We create gourmet home-prepared meals made from live, real food with as little processing as possible, no additives or chemical preservatives, or disguises.


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