Are we human or super human?

My time away from social media and a break from the constant advising and helping of others’ food journey has made me realize that my passion has always been in helping people THRIVE as humans, and yet most people are expecting to be super human, thus give up or don’t feel satisfied with the results or efforts in eating real food, which is what helps humans thrive at being human. People over consume the trendy foods and herbs, and dangerously the supplements, they look for results that aren’t even meant for their body types, and too often they compare themselves to someone else.

Food is simply there to nourish you and allow your body’s system to do the rest. Eating 100lbs of turmeric a week will not solve your problems and will most likely cause you more, same as drinking 2 gallons of dehydrated bone broth.

Our idea of health and wellness has gotten so extreme it continues to fuel the diet myth culture and the supplement advice culture. I started reading other real food blogs again and the comments sent me back to the frustration of these extremes. Do people really think the answer is 10 tablespoons of MCT oil a day or that somehow consuming that will offset the Coors Light from the night before? Because it won’t and it doesn’t. Our digestive bodies don’t work in that manner.

When you understand what it means to be human, and what it means to thrive as a human, these extremes are more revealing. You can’t eat plastic and chemicals and not expect to get sick. Same as if you eat 2 cups of protein powder, you can’t expect to get a six pack.

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