Breakfast from the lounge (sourdough bagels with just a coffee pot and toaster oven?)

This morning’s breakfast: sweet potato hash roasted in coconut oil, sea salt, herbs, with tomatoes, zucchini, green onions added for additional toaster oven roasting time and finished with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh torn basil.  The uncured bacon was done in the toaster oven, poached eggs were done by putting leftover gravy on 450 in oven until bubbly and dropping eggs into hot gravy and continuing for another 5 mins.  The sourdough bagels you can see from above.  I’ve had dough fermenting for last few days that I use here and there (last night for flatbread), and I had a major craving for some bagels (I scored some cultured butter at store!), so I decided to try a kitchen hack.  I knew from previous travel experiences that you could make hard boil eggs in a coffee pot, so why not boil/seal a bagel.  They turned out so good!!  I literally put shaped dough into pot, allow the hot water to pour over the bagel and sit for 2 minutes, strained and put on pan and baked in toaster oven 450 for 25 minutes.   

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