Budget and Real Food – plus more on goals and sourdough

We are here in Washington settling in and just loving life.  The trees – oh the trees – and the water!!!!  I realize I have an owed post on sourdough dough rising and on goal setting.  I was reminded today of the goal setting post because this week as we balance making home, as well as starting work in a new community, we realized it would be a good idea to be frugal in our food budgets (and I have to say that’s hard around here with all the glorious real food coops and farmer’s markets).

So I took to this month’s goal – real food, real meals, for four for under $600/month! Can it be done??!  Well the answer is if you are able to go to the store Sunday and Wednesday and only spend $75 at each day’s visit, then YES.  However, you have to be very specific, laser beam focus and have a greater why to get you through so you don’t feel deprived.  At the very essence it’s exactly what all my goal setting blogs are about!

The first step for Trevor and I was to really separate out our month’s expenses by perishables, non perishables, household goods (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc).  We had to get an idea of how much we use and spend a month.  We realized most our non toxic eco friendly household goods would save us money if we purchased in 3-5 month supply at a time.  We were able to knock down our usual $6 non toxic dish soap to $2.36 a bottle this way.

Next was the “non perishables” of grocery shopping.  And what we realized?  This was a majority of very expensive items that were also technically “unnecessary.”  Yep, all the nuts, seeds, nut butters, maple syrups, wine, coffee. . .oh wine and coffee.  But WOW does that take up a large portion of your budget and while we make amazing things with those items, it isn’t necessary for a nutrient rich real food diet.  So what we are left with?  Twice a week having $75 to spend on PROTEINS, PRODUCE and DAIRY.

And here is the things. . .that’s actually a lot of money for 3.5 days of eating per trip!  If every day consists of 1.5 lbs of animal protein (eggs are part of this) OR (not and) dairy, and 3-4 cups of veggies, we are eating not only delicious meals but saving a TON of money.

Tonight’s dinner:  Pakistani ground beef curry with onions, tomatoes, and white potatoes  Total cost for us 4?  $11

Some non perishables we will be ordering bulk also to save some cash flow – FLOUR, olive oil, balsamic, non gum coconut milk, spices.

Wine and coffee to be decided. . .

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