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6/1 Gut Series ONLINE for 6 weeks (see description below)6/17 Saturday 2pm Advanced Sourdough6/22 Thurs 10a Intro to Fermentation Class6/27 Tuesday 3p  Beg Sourdough Class7/8 Saturday 11a Probiotic Soda Class

TO RESERVE, send payment via Paypal using link below or sending to info@vertfoods.com

Vert Food Classes



With all classes, you must RSVP via email to info@vertfoods.com (if you don’t, we won’t have enough supplies for you!)

Upcoming Classes 

ONLINE GUT SERIES 3/11 9am, online every Saturday!

Upcoming Gut Healing Series (class series not to be taken individually)

Each class will be exactly one hour and be housed on a specific topic regarding optimal gut health:

introduction to gut health including a variety of subjects not limited to:

  • bone broth/chocolate
  • fermented veggies
  • probiotic sodas
  • sourdough
  • sauces/fats
  • food additives, supplements
  • stress and cortisol

Please bring a notepad and pen and all your questions, if we do not get to them immediately, we will have time at each class to review and problem solve.

Total cost is $125 and you need to pay in advance using the paypal link on our website above.


 Sauces, Dips & Dressing. $25, 1.5 hours, includes take home sauces

Learn how to make all your favorite sauces, dips, and dressings without all the junk!

You will get to go home with mason jars full of creations and tips of how to use your creations to create lots of meals!


Real Food Cooking Demo and Dinner, 3 hours, includes full 5 course dinner

Delicious Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Paleo Friendly Options Made From Real, Whole Foods with Minimal Processing, No Additives, and No Chemicals

We will teach you the following, and then let you eat it!

Sample Menu:

Raw Kale Salad

Tomato and Pesto Stackers

Veggie Garden Wraps with Handcrafted Pad Thai Sauce

Wild Salmon Bruschetta

Roasted Curry Chicken with Cilantro Rub

Raw Balls & Peanut Butter Cups


Ancient Tradition Chocolate Making, $25, 1.5 hours, includes full sampling

Learn the ancient tradition of true chocolate making with cacao.  Is Chocolate really healthy for you?

Yes, if you know how to make the real thing!

Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Custard, Truffles, and Almond Butter Cups. . .Learn how to make it along with a workshop on cacao.

Sourdough Bread Making, $25, 1.5 hours, includes starter and hands on making

Advance techniques and discussion regarding how to make sourdough bread from home.  Includes how to make pizza crust, bagels, waffles and pancakes without fancy equipment or bread ovens.


The Basics of Fermentations, $30, 2.5 hours, includes starters for soda, kombucha, sourdough and take home sauerkraut

Need to find a less expensive and more delicious way to have your probiotics to keep your gut healthy?

An interactive class teaching you all the reason why we ferment, how to do it, and lets you go home with your own mason jar of sauerkraut! Also learn how to make probiotic sodas, kombucha, sourdough bread, and sauerkraut!


Sauerkraut and KimChi Party, $25, 1.5 hours, includes a quart of take home sauerkraut and Kim Chi

We will get together with all the supplies and leave the mess here at our kitchen so you can go home with fresh batches of probiotic rich condiments!


Water Kefir and Soda Making, $25 1.5 hours, includes starters and hands-on making and samples.


Basics of Bone Broth, $25, 1.5 hours, includes demo, tastings, and bones to take home

Learn the reasons and purpose of making bone broth and how to make it taste delicious!