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Plans & Pricing

You may pay here via paypal for either menu items or one on one real food consults:

Meal Plans


A onetime charge of $75 for care packaging, unless items are not returned weekly and then you will be charged the fee again until items returned.  Each menu item equals 4 hearty portions!

Pick your weekly plan:

Each menu item contains 4 hearty portions

  • 6 Menu Items $140
  • 8 Menu Items $180
  • 10 Menu Items $220

Menu for this week:  http://www.vertfood.com/place-order/

Other Options

  •  Taster’s Menu or Chef’s Choice $120 – no substitutions
  •  Vegan 6 Menu Items Only $140


  • Pick up M, W, F between 4-6pm No Charge
  • Delivery $20

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