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Did you miss our Chocolate Workshop? Yes, we said CHOCOLATE! Then schedule one from your own house. We need 6 people minimum for a $25/per person cost.  We will bring samples and all the supplies!

Vert Foods is available to cater events, organize community co-op kitchen activities (help you and your group prepare your weekly farm boxes into meals), and cooking classes.  Virginia is happy to meet with you one on one or with a large group.  Call to schedule an event with Vert Foods: 805.748.5121


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SLO Spring Paladar by Vert Foods

Come celebrate the spring harvest with us and nourish your body, mind, and soul! Enjoy an exclusive 5 course gourmet dinner, with an exclusive walk through by the chef, and laugh and dance the night away with special musical guests.








Wolff Vineyard Launch Party 


Such a fabulous event with friends and family to
support the launch of Vert Foods, celebrate Trevor’s birthday, and enjoy good food and excellent wine.  We expected about 27 people and 65 showed! So thanks


for kicking off the year in a wonderful way.VertFoods_24_BirthdayEdit2









Oak Creek Co-Housing Event  An evening of teaching about nutrient dense foods and eating! Vert Foods loved this community and received a wonderful compliment when told they were buzzing for days afterwards from the shared passion of good eating and community.

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