How It Works & FAQS

Vert Foods provides a changing bi-monthly menu for members. Each week you pick items from the menu, and your nutrient dense meal items will be made available at a designated location or for delivery.  Your weekly Vert Foods meal box will include reusable care packaging (non-toxic glass containers, care jars, etc). Each week you exchange your meal box for a new one including returned, gently washed containers.

Order via an online form at

What are the steps?

  • Take a look at the menu on the menu tab or here
  • Decide on your meal plan — 6, 8, or 10 items — and check mark the menu items you would like (please note the items have 4 portions of each item in the container)
  • Decide if you would like to pick up M, W, or have us deliver on Tuesdays. Orders must be placed a minimum of 24 hours in advance and orders for Monday must be received no later than 8a on Sunday.
  • Pay
  • Decide on your pick up or delivery date and time send your order
  • Get your food, and enjoy a week full of nourishment!



When can I pick up my food?

You can pick up your food M, W between 5pm-6pm (we will also deliver for you on Tuesdays).

Do I have to order every week?

No.  We encourage you when trying to meet specific nourishment needs to use our service every week, but we do not require a subscription or a plan.  However, we do work with people who choose to buy packages by offering a discounted rate.  Call us for more details.

What if I am on a specific diet or don’t like what’s on the menu this week?

We love to customize people’s tote! We will sit with you or you can email us your needs – even if it is you just miss something from last week’s menu.  The only thing we cannot do is provide you with food that is not in season as we get everything fresh, and as local as our farmers can manage!

Do I have to pay the tote fee?

The tote fee is a ONE time charge and we ask that you pay it on your second round for us to provide non-toxic and cooking safe pyrex for your food.  The food is prepared, cooked and stored in this cookware in order to prevent any potential toxins from plastic, styrofoam, etc. entering into the food, as well as minimize waste due to packaging.  The fee is a tote fee, meaning the carrying, washing, and preparation of the dishes and pyrex.  The pyrex costs $15.99 per dish, so if you would like to keep the dishes at the end of your Vert Foods orders, please be prepared to pay that amount times how many items you have ordered (example: 6 items = $95 owed to keep glassware).

How is this different from getting a farm box?

Our price is on average $3-4 more a meal than when you get a farm box delivered, we have already done all the prep, recipe development, cooking, cooling and storing for you (and the clean up).  What you get is a ready to eat or heat meal so you don’t have to worry about all the rest!

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, we offer in-home cooking classes (such as what to do with those farm boxes),  education, lectures, and free tastings for corporations and groups who want to get to know our services and taste our food.


Our REAL FOOD Philosophy: Nutrition is not about deprivation but about enjoyment. When you deny certain foods, you begin to hate your food and the process of eating. By adding high quality nutrition to your daily eating, you will eventually have no room for the less nutritious. You will begin craving the richness of the flavors and the benefits of good nutrition. Vert believes in nourishing before detoxing.

Because Vert Foods believes food should provide joy and nourishment, not guilt, we created a program that makes the joy of foods available in your home every day.  We create gourmet home-prepared meals made from live, real food with as little processing as possible, no additives or chemical preservatives, or disguises.


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