How to achieve goals, Pt 2, Laser Beam Focus

As I finished 4 miles on the trail today, I continue to reflect on how 20 yards was difficult, frustrating and defeating 13 months ago. As my body was realigned and ready to move, getting the motivation to run was a true struggle. I learned a lot in regards to how achieving goals requires specific steps. The first step- laser beam focus– very specific, linear, without clutter and/or mess goals!

I have seen it in athletic skills training with my husband, you place a specific target on the field and work on progression only towards that target. The target doesn’t change, it doesn’t move, and it IS THE GOAL. So even if my long term goal for 6 months was to run a mile, on that day and in that moment, my goal was 5 sets of 20 yards, with good form.

Having laser beam focus means removing the clutter, endless possibilities and amendments to your goals, and in some ways asks you NOT to reach for the stars, because that is dreaming or vision planning, not goal attaining.

I have seen this function of goal making in another type of sport as well- dance! One of our greatest teachers for myself as a dance mom and my kids as dance students was Leslie Baumberger at Core Dance Studio. She often times repeated the phrase “the point is not to do 6 turns, the point is to do one turn, correctly”. Technique in your goal, and laser beam focus. In the case of dance that focus is referred to as spotting. Without having something to focus on, you are bound to get off balance, dizzy and fall down. Without proper technique you are bound to cause distress or injury.

In running I had to stop looking at the whole trail and just that marker 20 yards ahead. And then I had to learn the technique of running well so I could move and breathe better, gaining the strength needed to move my focus to a different target. I had to clear the clutter of what I felt was a “good or great goal” and work on my goal, for that day, with no distractions.

How true this first step of goal attaining pertains to all aspects of life. Even the crafting of a holiday meal. The entire process of the meal shopping, prep and cooking may feel overwhelming; however if you focus only in on one entree at a time, breaking down what is needed and in what time frame, all of the sudden you realize today I just need to make 5 well done sourdough dough balls to freeze and have ready when it’s time for pies, stuffing, dinner rolls, etc. I don’t even need to bake them! Just focus on making the dough balls and putting them in the freezer. So instead of having 5 things to make, you have one thing to make. Then when you are ready to make dinner rolls, the first step is accomplished.

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