How to achieve goals PT 4: letting go & resetting

I wanted to call this section “flexibility” because it seemed a much easier acceptance to your goal achievement than telling you in order to achieve your goals you may or will actually have to completely let go of them and reset.  It’s a process that is painful, and often times we are resistant to, because at some point we are far more focused on the end result than the journey.  Yet our willingness to let go and reset is crucial to success.

I found this a lot in my fitness/exercise career, and often times the hard way.  Injury.  In cooking it was another just as brutal of a “failure,” burning my food or making something that flopped, didn’t rise, or didn’t seem to want to set.  If you have ever seen the movie Julie/Julia, this is the scene where she ends up on the floor like a babbling baby because she can’t get her aspic to set.

Yep, we often resort to this – complete and utter melt down.  However, this gets us no where.  It can actually send us spiraling down and never picking our goals back up.  What you have to do is be willing to let go of the goal and RESET it.

How do you learn to let go of something you have been working so hard for?  How do you remove the attachment you have to an idea or your vision?  Well, remember my conversation about needing a “why” not a “reward” to get you through your goals?  Your why will remain the same even if you let go of your goal, and your why will be the eternal spark that helps you reset and reinvent the goal.  Because your why NEVER goes away.  In everything you do, if you are motivated by your why instead of a reward, you are simply changing steps or paths to that ultimate goal.  The other way to help yourself let go and reset is through the power of gratitude.

One of my favorite speakers, Shawn Achor talks about the ways gratitude propels us forward in the business place both in this talk ( ) and his book The Happiness Advantage.  Having gratitude means you see every accident as a “happy mistake” as well as an avenue to stretch your creative brain, or receive something you never expected.  That twisted ankle becomes a time to focus on your floor pilates routine.  That dense sourdough? A chance to try a date sweetened bread pudding.  Or even as the last month has shown me in our move – being open to something even more spectacular than your original goal to begin.

As I ran my last run on the bike/walk trail in SLO, I reached the bench which was my 5 mile marker.  I reached it with both excitement for our new journey and a lot of grief.  I felt the grief heavy and really thought “this is the last time I will ever run this trail.  An entire year focused on this path and it is gone – just like that!”  I took a few deep breaths and decided to just say thank you.  Say thank you to the path, the journey, and that my why was going to stay with me regardless.  I had no idea what the paths were in my new space, as we hadn’t even found a space, place or even a street.  But I knew I wasn’t going to stop running even if for a period it was on a treadmill or in a parking lot.  My why and gratitude was still there for the ability my back had gained just over a year.  I was moving, I am moving — that’s a lot to be grateful for in itself.

So this morning as I turned the corner off our new street, I saw a sign that said “wonderwood park”.  I took the path to the opening and what I discovered was 6 miles of trails that can only be described as rain forest magic.  The greenest green, softest trails, tall trees, moss, ferns, and owls flying overhead.  In every stride and step, with every exhale I couldn’t but repeat the phrase “thank you.”

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