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A year ago, I was done not feeling in my own body. A cascade of injuries and events had left me unable to even do a lunge without feeling like a bullet was going through my lower back. I had sought the advice of over 8 practitioners and medical doctors, yet nothing worked.

When my husband and I first met, I was an active athlete, and personal trainer. My sport of choice was boxing. Then during my first pregnancy I suffered from an injury to my pelvis that prevented me from running. At 5 months pregnant I was told to stop all activity and be sedentary. It spiraled me into my first state of dis-ease.

So last year, my husband, now a Doctor of Chiropractic, asked when I was going to let him take a look at me. So I hesitantly agreed, because let’s face it- I was a crazy clean eater, knew all the herbs to take, and had been seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week for almost a year and a half, but I was gaining weight and unable to workout.

After a different kind of analysis, one that started with my feet and how I stood. My husband informed me that my body was responding as if I was walking on a broken high heel. It felt unsafe and uncertain about standing nonetheless moving; so in order to protect me it was sending a very strong signal for me to STOP moving. My body was doing exactly what it was programmed to do, but not what our bodies were born to do.

Movement is one of our prime factors of being human and how we thrive. Limiting our movement creates a cascade of damage to our entire wellness.

So Trevor worked on my foot. And then told me- time to use it! Thus, began the year long debacle of goal setting, understanding goals, and how to make progress. And this became the metaphor for a whole other series of life events.

Exactly one year ago going 200 yards at a 14mi pace was hard. Not just hard, literally I couldn’t seem to get my muscles and lungs to do what they were supposed to! 12 months and 1 day later, I just finished 7.2 miles at a 8:45mile pace this morning.

So how did I get from my goal seeming so hard to now I find joy in every foot strike on the trail? (To be continued)

*and while you wait check out Trevor’s blog:

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