Lunch from the lounge and more kitchen hacks.

Cabbage wraps it is! But how do you get cabbage to be flexible enough so it doesn’t snap when you roll it? In a full kitchen environment you blanch them, but here at the lounge, you pour hot coffee pot water over the leaves in a bowl and let sit for 20 minutes allowing the leaves to wilt.

Next up was a mixed veggie and chicken bake but what makes it so delicious is the blender sauce. Lime, olive oil, salt, cilantro, basil, garlic and fresh ginger. Seriously amazing.

Served with fried rice (just take old curry rice and add salt, coconut oil and a whipped egg, spread out on pan and toaster oven 450 for 35 minutes).

And finally a little dizzy home brewed, well lounge brewed, limeade kombucha.

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