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Meet Virginia

About Virginia Marum, creator of Vert Foods

Vert Foods was created out of my passion for food and life.  I have become aware over the years of our need to return closer to the earth and have real, whole food – easily accessible to our families.  

My story with food is a long one and began as a battle.  I suffered with years of eating disorders, fad diets and a general obsession with not only hating the way I looked but hating the food I ate.  Later I became a vegetarian; yet found myself not eating vegetables but instead immersed in processed soy products and other toxic food items that I ate because they were “meat-free”.  After a decade I found myself sick and toxic, and no medical doctor knew what was wrong with me.  I struggled with a skin problems, hair problems and insomnia.  I had no esteem for life or myself.

Then I begin healing my relationship with food – real food, real live food.  The journey was simple – learning to love food again. . .the texture, the colors and the flavors.  What I put in my mouth was there to heal me, nourish me, and bring me joy – no fear!  The process began by resisting the need to detox or strip my system of anything – it had been denied of so much for so many years, and this time it just need nutrient dense foods and wellness.

I had always had a passion for cooking and as an artist loved seeing the details and colors of the harvest.  I began researching nutritional therapy and the study of diets and the history of eating.  I was fascinated by the science of human cooking and how we process our minerals and vitamins.  And then I began reading up on herbs and the power of healing through foods according to non-Western ideologies (caraway seeds can reduce inflammation!).

My husband and I opened a wellness studio a few years back and I worked with clients on the preparation of their foods and their weekly menus.  Now, I realized my joy is in the cooking and preparation of these foods for them.  And therefore I continue my journey with Vert Foods and hope you join me!

Virginia Marum

You can hear Virginia talk nourishment every Wednesday night at 6pm on 1280am Living the Run radio (www.livingtherun.com).  Virginia hold certifications in Biomechanics and pre/post natal fitness training, professional license in food handling, and a BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Visual Culture and Printmaking.


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