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-WEEKS OF August 18-24. 2-17

Nourishing Foundations

  • Raw Kale salad
  • Vegetable and black bean ceviche
  • Vegan walnut salad
  • Raw bok choy salad with cherry tomatoes and almonds
  • Goat Cheese stacked apples
  • Raw, no noodle, Pad Thai

 Bountiful Harvests

  • Italian inspired quinoa casserole (cheese optional)
  • Avocado Thai  kale rice wraps
  • Curried Lentils and Spinach
  • Tomato basil coconut soup
  • Split pea soup
  • Garden Fresh Ratatouille

 Savory Feast

  • Chicken in enchilada sauce
  • Pork roast with cilantro and green chilies sauce
  • Curried Salmon and Shredded Veggies
  • Bruschetta topped salmon
  • Grassfed meatloaf stuffed with chopped veggies

 Sweet Endings

  • Nut and Seed Bars
  • Lemon Custard
  • Dark chocolate honey no flour cookies
  • Fairtrade organic chocolate peanut butter cups


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