Reflections on our food budget

The last two weeks have gone well making sure that we only shop on Wednesday and Sunday.We have found we need to consider how many eggs we eat between shopping trips but also realize running out and having a day or so without means stretching our creativity, and often our health! We end up creating some awesome savory produce based breakfast meals with plain yogurt instead!

I’ve also re-embraced the CSA box, 2 smaller twice a week from totally different farms, to help put some diversity and challenge to my chef brain. Because I realize on a budget I become a creature of shopping habit and Bok Choy and cucumbers every shopping trip needs to be shook up!

I have also realized how much dairy we ate prior to our budget awareness. Again, the question becomes about what we need and what we want. Tuning into our cravings and desires is not always easy especially when you ask the big question “but do I REALLY NEED that?”.

The kids have loved the challenge and while there $10 each at the farmers market went quick on juicy fruit, they learned that if they wanted roasted cauliflower, crispy Brussels, Caesar salad, and many of their favorite savory items, they would need to consider buying fruit one time a week and limiting their serving sizes to a more appropriate 1-2 pieces a day.

Overall, it’s been a great reboot and I can say I am grateful for my extensive sauces and dips recipes! Keep the flavor, and nourishment, while maintaining our budget!

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