The journey begins!

In a pod traveling north with little to nothing now to our name. We have a few items like a knife, 2 plates, a spoon and some Pyrex– and my spices and starters, because that was something I just couldn’t let go of.

We arrived to a new town, and have access to Trader Joe’s and a lounge with 4 toaster ovens, a microwave (which I don’t cook with) and some fresh water.

I had some dough fermenting- easy enough, put on the toaster oven steel pan and bake at 500. I picked up some uncured bacon, also laid out on another toaster oven sheet pan. Baked at 425 for 6 mins. Turned off heat, then let sizzle in grease for 5 minutes until crisp. Take off bacon and crack some eggs in the grease and return to toaster oven at 350 for 4.5 minutes. So we smothered the bread in some cultured butter, ripe avocado, some shredded basil, with over easy eggs and crispy bacon. Then we finished off with some plain full fat yogurt, organic maple syrup and sliced strawberries with cinnamon. And throughly enjoyed sharing off two plates as a family!

As I continue blogging on goals I will also teach you next how I made six full nourishing and yummy dinner meals in under an hour using the same set up.

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