Waste Not, Want Not

Almost 8 years ago, we took a new year’s resolution to stop purchasing foods in a box, carton, jar, or can.  This journey took us into an entirely different realm of the real food journey.  In fact, it launched us FULL THROTTLE.  While there have been some challenges of preparation and planning, the changes to health and budget as well as to lack of waste was astonishing.

Now, here we are in a different city and state realizing that we still have SOOO far to go.  As we explore surrounding neighborhoods we see that most eateries, restaurants and food coops are striving for zero waste.  And today we called to set up our refuge collection and realized that there is very little wiggle room for your standard “refuge” here.  In fact, the can size is almost a third of what we had in San Luis Obispo, with fines if you weekly go above that size, and collection for compost, separate glass, separate cardboard, and then recycling.

Today we embraced this challenge once again and even jumped to it at lunch when I was getting ready to make Romaine Salmon Salad Boats but realized I didn’t have mayonnaise.  What I did have was apple cider vinegar, lemon, bacon grease, olive oil, coconut oil, garlic and some salt.  I whipped up one of the most delicious mayonnaises, flaked in poached salmon, dill, cut cucumbers and granny smith apples.  Our earth and our stomach said thank you for our re-commitment to zero waste!

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