What can I eat?




Do you spend most your waking hours worried about what you will eat and how it will affect your digestion?  Have you sought out treatments for problem skin, hair and nails?  Suffer insomnia, anxiety or even “racing mind?”

Many of these issues are actually symptoms of something else happening deep in our gut.  And with so much advice out there it can often be daunting to understand what is going to help or worsen the situation.

Just last week I met with a client who had been put on a gluten free, soy free, dairy free diet with no improved symptoms, and was now being advised to lay off lectins and fruit.  The client had restricted themselves to eating bacon, avocado and some boiled cauliflower.  There relationship with food was broken and filled with deprivation.  And their symptoms? Actually worse.

On AUGUST 11th, at 10am, I am teaching a 1.5 hour online class discussing Real Foods and the Gut.  This is an introduction class to my Gut Series class and addresses many of the diet cults out there and what has merit and what is just myth.  You will learn everything from why the Keto diet has gained popularity to the new craze of Lectin Free.  And more importantly you will learn what you CAN eat if you just learn to distinguish real food from food product and how to properly process and cook foods.

If you are interested in taking this online class, send an email to info@vertfoods.com and sign up!

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